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We at Sports Turf started in this marketplace as sports field builders. Our extensive knowledge of construction was a natural progression into the more complex stadiums. As the turf progressed into an infill system the large turf companies came to contractors like Sports Turf to build and install their product. Being frustrated and confused with the myriad of information and price ranges pitched to us by various turf company suppliers, we decided to develop and perfect our own product.

We are now in an excellent position to offer this product along with our unique ground preparation and installation services to our clients.

Sports Turf Installations:

  • Allow play in all-weather conditions
  • 24/7 & 365 playability
  • Offer a low maintenance, year round, quality uniform surface
  • Allow maximum field usage for a variety of sports
  • Provide a unique cost effective turf system
  • Install a drainage system proven to be as good as or better than any other in the marketplace
  • Offer engineering and drainage solutions to overcome environmental problems and issues

Sports Turf

  • Excellent customer service
  • Expert knowledge and assistance
  • Engineering and drainage solutions
  • Comprehensive maintenance programs
  • Finance and revenue assistance
  • Professional reassurance

The Product

Sports Turf Third generation artificial turf is a unique product manufactured to the highest standard and design.
Our product creates the perfect all-weather surface on which to play your sport, whether it is Soccer, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Rugby, Football, Baseball or even Cricket.

Sports Turf grass-like fibers are made from polyethylene and are then tufted into a porous, stable backing system with polyurethane pre-coat. Specifically designed equipment beds in each fiber in a manner that imitates genuine grass, facilitating tuft-bind and allowing the passage of moisture and other sediments through the synthetic turf and backing system.

Once manufactured the synthetic Sports turf is laid on a compressed subsurface with a pre-installed drainage system underneath. The Sports Turf synthetic turf is filled thereafter with a dressing layer of ambient rubber infill. The infill is made from ground rubber granules and sits between the fibers and backing and on top of our uniquely constructed drainage system.

The texturized fibers of the turf then curl down to cover and trap the ambient rubber granules helping to prevent the system from expelling the infill upon impact from players’ feet or sports balls. Importantly, this design allows the players of all sports to grip the turf and play safely and comfortably on the surface.

The ambient rubber particles rest in the bottom portion of the synthetic turf blades, but do not become compacted upon compression. This facilitates the passage of moisture, since the rubber particles do not block the drainage holes in the synthetic turf backing system. Moisture, particles and debris pass through the turf, compressed surface and into the drainage system – removing moisture for the playing area.

The drainage system comprises an arrangement of pipes to carry the water to a disposal location, such as a public sewerage system. Alternatively, the system can include a pressurization mechanism that facilitates the gravitational flow of moisture into the drainage system, by applying a suction pressure through the apertures of the drainage pipes. The secret to the success of our product is the combination of excellent manmade fibers, infill, drainage systems and dedication to engineering excellence.

Sports Turf artificial turf offers the perfect all-weather surface and is not affected by adverse weather conditions and situations as happens with a natural grass surface. Being based in New England, we know a thing or two about dealing with extreme weather conditions in all four seasons.

Sports Turf uses environmentally safe components in its artificial turf. Each component is manufactured to the highest standards and the crumb rubber has been tested using methods outlined in The Federal Hazardous Substances Act. Our yarn component meets strict international standards for environmental safety.

Sports Turf artificial turf is non-hazardous, non-toxic and safe to play on.

Sports Turf Product Specification & Characteristics:

Production process Tufting
Usage Soccer, Rugby, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Football, Baseball and a number of other Sports
Yarn Ttc Polyethylene/MPF Texturized
Denier 10,000 – 15,000
Pile Weight 40 oz/Sq. Yd.
Pile Height 2 – 2 1⁄4”
Tufting Gauge 1⁄2 – 3⁄4”
Color Various
Type Monofilament
Primary Backing Weight 5 – 15oz/Sq. Yd
Secondary Backing Weight 15 – 30oz/Sq. Yd
Total Weight 60 – 94oz/Sq. Yd
Roll widths 12’ or 15’
Perforation 2” x 21⁄8”
Infill composition Acetone Extract, Ash, Carbon Black, Natural Rubber, Rubber Hydrocarbon, Free Fabric, Moisture

Construction, Design, Engineering & Installation

Sports Turf will meet any engineering specification and provide complete project guidance with either our own staff or leading independent engineering firms.

Maintenance & Service programs

Sports Turf fields do not require the maintenance and servicing that traditional sports fields require but maintenance in some form will ensure your installation stays in good condition and plays well for whatever sport takes place on its surface. Sports Turf synthetic turf field installations create a high quality surface that save a whole host of maintenance needs associated with natural turf. Irrigation costs, mowing costs et al are eradicated allowing maximum time use of the field with minimum maintenance care.

We will operate a maintenance program for your field on a regular basis by either offering our services or training your staff to deal with this job. Regular maintenance will ensure a top playing condition, field longevity and life expectancy. Maintenance includes regular inspections of the surface, top up of infill levels, brushing turf fibers, removing unwanted debris and even snow clearance by our specifically designed plows if required.


In conjunction with a leading finance company, Sports Turf offers its customers access to a financial advisor offering expert advice on financing a project and structuring payment options. This allows schools, clubs, colleges, universities and businesses an alternative when the necessary funds are not readily available.

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